In the Western Wanted Store you find High quality western horse tack for a comfortable ride for you and your horse, just like our slogan “Real Stuff”! 16 ply 100% Mohair Cinches - Cutter Cinch, Vaquero Cinch, Breast Collars. Flank girth, Dressage-Australian and Island saddle girths. Halters, Bronc Leather Nosebands, Leads, Western Pads, Bareback Pads, Off Billets and Tie Straps, Headstalls, Reins. WW Soap horse and dog coat care. Welcome!

Dressage/Endurance Girth 100% Mohair - Wanted Bear

SEK 3,420.00

Dressage girth/Saddle girth in 22 strands each spun with 16 ply in the softest 100% Mohair. Made by a family business where the goats are managed with care.

The dressage girth has 4 Stainless Steel Roller Buckles and 2 D-rings (Aussie Saddles) and 4 strap holders. The English saddle girth has two D-rings so that it can be used for the Australian Western stock saddle.

Western Wanted Mohair Cinches are manufactured by hand, and give you a confidence guarantee of 15 years when purchasing our horse equipment in Mohair.

Delivery time around 14 days.
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