Western Wanted started with unique handmade traditional manufacture of Mohair Cinches (western saddle girths) in Sweden 2012 and decided to only use Mohair yarn rope spun with 16 threads to manufacture high quality Mohair Cinches,

not with the usual 8 fabric threads that is common.

16 Mohair threads are twisted into a 16 ply Mohair yarn rope, which gives a much more durable and softer saddle Mohair Cinch for the horse.

Western Wanteds Mohair prices are low compared to the amount of Mohair in the products, because it is twice as much Mohair than is usual on the market!

Many Cinches today have mixed Mohair with wool or other cheaper fiber. In short, there is a difference between “Cinch and a Cinch”, and it is important to know about the quality of the yarn rope.

Western Wanted yarn is traditional hand-spun, hand-dyed and comes from healthy Angora goats on a family eco-farm.

All Western Wanted Mohair Cinches are manufactured by hand, and give you a confidence guarantee of 15 years when purchasing our horse equipment in Mohair.

In the online store you find: Cutter Cinch, Vaquero Cinch, Breast Collars in Cutter or Vaquero and Flank- Dressage/Australian/Island Girths.

WW Soap product  line is for horse and dog. The products are handmade by Western Wanted with only quality natural and organic ingredients.

For a comfortable trail ride for you and your horse, Western Wanted offers Natural discipline training products, durable halters and leads, western pads, headstall and reins, if you want a different color, buckles etc. it is usually possible to arrange.

Western Wanted stands for high quality and comfort for both horse and rider, just like our slogan “Real Stuff”!

Welcome and make a good investment.

Happy Cinch, “Real Stuff”!
Western Wanted

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